Naming Guide


In order to better find the file you’re looking for, please note the following naming scheme. Each file is named using the following format:

[Year][Semester] [Course Code] [Type of File] [Type of Solution] [Version]

Semester can be one of the following:

·       “F” for Fall

·       “W” for Winter

·       “S” for Spring/Summer

Type of file can be one of the following:

·       “M” for midterm

·       “M1”, “M2”, “M3”, etc. for a first midterm, second midterm, third midterm, etc.

·       “E”  for exam

Type of solution can be one of the following:

·       “NS” for no solution

·       “S” for an untrusted/incomplete solution

·       “TS for a trusted solution

Version indicates the version of that specific file, such as “V1”, “V2”, etc… This is not necessary for all files, as not all have versions.

If a file has no known year or semester, those positions will be filled with “(NoYear)” and “(NoSem)”, respectively. And other unknown features will be left blank. Any extra features about a specific file will be written at the end of the name.


If a Calculus 2 (MTH 240) exam exists from the winter of 2010, and contains a student’s solutions that aren’t confirmed to be correct, it will be called:

2010W MTH 240 E S